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Products & Services

Our Products Include:

  • Sports Trophies and Awards
  • Silver Cups and Bowls
  • Tankards and Goblets
  • Plaques and Shields
  • Corporate Awards
  • Acrylic Trophies and Glassware
  • Medals and Giftware
  • Cast Figurines
  • Promotional Items
  • Customised Badges and Signs
  • Honours Boards
  • Display Cabinets

We have available the best range of trophies and awards in New Zealand but our range of products include much, much more.

Explore the wealth of ideas in our catalogue and whatever your choice of award, we will customise it to your requirements.

Sizes are easily varied, and a selection of over 25 colour finishes are available.

Statuettes are fully interchangeable, so whatever the trophy/award of your choice, we can adapt it to suit your purpose.

Phone or fax us Free (0508) AWARDS or (0508) 292 737 for a colour catalogue and price list.